4 Day ORE Part 2 Manikin Course Distance Learning

Options within this programme:

  1. With equipment and material sent to your home if you haven’t yet purchased your own. (UK Only. Terms and conditions apply) EMAIL TO BOOK info@phoenixdentalacademy.co.uk
  2. Without equipment and material (participant needs to make sure they have all the necessary material) BOOK ONLINE
  3. Consumable Material only (outside the UK additional courier charges apply and course needs to be booked well in advance) EMAIL TO BOOK info@phoenixdentalacademy.co.uk

Focussed learning following the GDC consortium which is key to success

Lectures and demonstrations of each exercise along with handouts. 

Detailed personal feedback for each delegate.

Option to subscribe to our online revision guidance portal. 

Who is it suitable for?

This course is designed to suit those who cannot travel to our London course centre.

Prepare from the comfort of your own home.

This course suitable for delegates at any level of preparation.

So, whether you are a beginner or have been preparing for a while this course will take you further with your preparation. 

Suitable for young dentists going into practice and not just for ORE.

To benefit maximum from the course we do recommend gaining some handpiece control before attending the course. 

Course Timings: 9am-5pm

Mode of Delivery: Live Online – hands-on

What would you need to attend this course?

High speed internet connection

High resolution external webcam which needs to be on at all times

Good sound 

Equipment and material – as per the option chosen

Day 1
  • Scope of the Exam
  • Information and Instructions including safe practice.
  • Instrument and equipment guidance.
  • Operating positions
  • Amalgam Class I and Class II cavity preparations
  • Lining application
  • Amalgam restoration demonstration
Day 3
  • Labial Veneer tooth preparation
  • Anterior Metal Ceramic Crown preparation
  • Full Gold Crown preparation
  • FGC
  • Posterior metal ceramic crown
Day 2
  • Composite Class III cavity preparation
  • Composite Class IV tooth preparation and restoration
  • Composite class V cavity preparation and restoration
  • Composite Cusp build up- tooth preparation and restoration.
Day 4
  • Lab card
  • Impression Taking for Definitive Crown
  • Temporary Crown Preparation
  • Rest Seat Preparation
  • Root canal treatment